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I've enjoyed taking my children fishing on the Tuscarawas river bank, so I decided to compile my notes, research and experiences in this fishing blog article and a So-Lunar calendar fishing prediction feature which I built into the Tuscarawas Valley Ohio website within the calendar tab.


In fact, today, I need to renew my Ohio resident fishing license with the Ohio Department of Wildlife but I wanted to write this article first;)

My favorite spot to fish on the Tuscarawas river is at the Ohio-Erie canal Aqueduct off State Route 212 just West of the Village of Bolivar. In 2013 this spot became part of the Bolivar Aqueduct on the Ohio-Erie canal towpath and Thanksgiving weekend became open to the public. There are plenty of great fishing spots along the Tuscarawas river on public land, or easily accessible private property like the NTR canoe livery, for a modest fee.

The Bolivar Dam on the East side of the Tuscarawas river in Bolivar, Ohio is a great place to take the kids! Fishing is permitted at Bolivar Dam, with the best fishing done in the spillway area. There is a fisherman's parking lot at the downstream area.

The NTR canoe livery in Bolivar, Ohio offers Tuscarawas river and stocked pond fishing packages which I plan to take advantage of  since my 7 year old daughter still hasn't caught her first fish yet - LOL  

 Some good information is available about the Tuscarawas river at Wikipedia

Jeremiah Rinehart fishing the Tuscarawas river

joe rinehart 2011 fishing license I'm off to renew my fishing license at Walmart's :) and I'll return to add more information about fishing the Tuscarawas river as soon as I return.

 Ok, I'm back!

If you need to renew your boat license to fish the Tuscarawas river that may be done on-line at URL:

If you need to get or renew your fishing license all the details are online. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources also offers visitors to Tuscarawas county, Ohio short term fishing license at URL:

Since 1983 the water quality of the Tuscarawas river and it's many streams has improved due to water treatment, drain water management, and farmers using more conservation farming practices. Detailed information is available at URL:

Ohio Sport Fish Consumption Advisory information is available at

Current Ohio sport fish consumption advisory suggests you not eat Flathead catfish larger than 26", although a meal every other month is ok for Flathead catfish under 26" due to PCB's. Only one meal monthly of Walleye due to Mercury and PCBs. Only one meal monthly is also recommended for Northern Pike over 25" due to potential Mercury contamination. If you have any question regarding the safety of any fish you may catch from the Tuscarawas river, please refer to the link starting this paragraph.

Tuscarawas River Massillon to  State Route 416 (New Philadelphia)  (Stark,  Tuscarawas Counties) DO NOT EAT Common Carp PCBs

Don't release unused live bait!

Anglers are reminded that unused bait or aquarium fishes should be disposed humanely and not released alive to public waters.  Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 1501:31-13-01(7) states that, “It shall be unlawful for any person to release any fish or aquatic insect into the waters of the state, or waters under control of the Division of Wildlife without first obtaining permission from the Chief of the Division of Wildlife.”

Fish Species found in the Tuscarawas river

Smallmouth Bass can put up a great fight and can be a lot of fun to catch.

Largemouth Bass are good eatin' but are often harder to catch than small mouth Bass.

Rock Bass are large and fun for the kids to fish for.

White Crappie and Black Crappie are also fish species that is fun for the kids to fish for.

Channel Catfish are big and fun to catch but are on the fish advisory list.

Northern Pike are plentiful and put up a good fight.

Walleye are found below the Dover dam.

Saugeye is a sport fish found in the Tuscarawas river.

In 2009 an American Alligator was found in the Tuscarawas river, but we'd not recommend fishing for one ;)

Please feel invited to share your comments and your favorite places and best spots to fish the Tuscarawas river!

If you find yourself fishing near the Bolivar aqueduct on the Stark-Tuscarawas county line considering hiking down the towpath trail a couple hundred yards east of the McDonnell t trailhead to support the Towpath Trail Snack Shack & Peace Park (opening Aug 3rd 2018)

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